Issue Date: March 2015

Mitacs Opens Research Funding to Not-for-Profit Organizations

Our Community and University partners are now eligible to receive Mitacs funding to support collaborative research projects. Until a few weeks ago, only private sector organizations were eligible for Mitacs funding.

Here's how it works:

  • Community partners identify a challenge and work with an intern to solve it
  • The challenge is positioned as a research project that has short- or long-term economic benefits, such as creating jobs, reducing costs, or increasing productivity.
  • Interns are graduate students or post-doctoral fellows
  • The community partner contributes $7,500 to the project and MITACS contributes $7,500 ($5K is allocated to the project and $10K to the intern’s salary)
  • Community partners are eligible if less than 50% of their funding comes from the government

Some example project ideas:
(note that these are hypothetical and would need to be discussed with MITACS)

  • Testing the effectiveness of a new employment program for Canadians with disabilities. Anticipated research outcome:  Improved employment opportunities for an underemployed population.
  • Developing a pilot program to teach people with disabilities new sport skills. Anticipated research outcome: Improved health and well-being as a result of increased physical activity.
  • Testing a program to help people who use mobility devices develop confidence and skills to use public transportation. Anticipated research outcome: Increased community mobility.

Mitacs is accepting applications immediately. For details about Mitacs, visit

If you have any questions or plan to submit an application, contact:

Kathleen Martin Ginis
905-525-9140 x 23574