Issue Date: July 2019

The CDPP is hard at work on a Cross-Cutting project that brings together the Employment, Mobility, and Sport & Exercise teams to look at what factors predict, and what outcomes are associated with, quality participation in sport, exercise, employment and mobility for Canadians with a physical disability. This survey study will help identify factors that can be modified in workplace, physical activity, and community settings to improve the quality of participation by Canadians with physical disabilities. The study will also shed light on the benefits of quality participation in these settings.


NEW! The Mobility Device Training Catalogue: Online Resources for Canadians Living with Disabilities has just been released.

This bilingual catalogue (French and English) was created by members of the Mobility Team, and provides online training resources for common mobility aids for Canadians living with disabilities. Such mobility aids include: crutches, canes, walking aids, manual and motorized wheelchairs, and scooters. We intend the resource catalogue to be used to provide Canadians across the country with quality information about how to use mobility devices.

Click the pdf file for a full copy of the catalogue:

PDF icon Mobility Device Training Catalogue CDPP FINAL.pdf 


In a paper led by Dr. Silvia Bonaccio of the University of Ottawa/Telfer School of Management and the Employment Team, the authors provide evidence-based responses to 11 specific concerns that employers have about people with disabilities. The authors address concerns throughout the employment cycle, from pre-employment and entry experiences to the final dissolution of the employment relationship. The paper summarizes and evaluates the relevant empirical evidence, and provides recommendations for organization and avenues for future research.

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Now available from the Sport & Exercise Team:

A new catalogue of resources for health and recreation practitioners---Supporting Physical Activity among Canadians with Physical Disabilities: Resources for health and recreation practitioners supporting physical activity among Canadians with physical disabilitiesThe tools and resources in the catalogue are intended to provide practitioners with knowledge and strategies to support physical activity among people with physical disabilities.

Click the pdf file for a fully copy of the catalogue:

PDF icon Health & Recreation Practitioners Resource Catalogue CDPP FINAL.pdf