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The overall aim of this CDPP project is to continue evaluations of a peer-led manual wheelchair training program for community-living adults for improving wheelchair skills and participation. A peer-led wheelchair training program shows promise as a feasible intervention positively influences wheelchair use outcomes. Future studies will examine group-based training initiatives and will seek to further evaluate participation outcomes. Data collection on new projects will begin in Quebec City and Vancouver in Fall 2017. This project is a link between CDPP Mobility and Sport & Exercise Teams.

A poster was presented at the 2nd Quebec Congress in Rehabilitation-Adaptation Research (REPAR) in Montreal 2017 and presents the results of a feasibility RCT on peer-led wheelchair training for olde adults:

Best KL, Routhier F, Miller WC, Eng JJ. (2017, May 18-19) Peer-led wheelchair training is feasible for older adults and improves how the wheelchair is used in the community.  Poster presentation at the 2nd Quebec Congress in Rehabilitation-Adaptation Research (REPAR). May 18-19, Montreal, QC.