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This project will test the hypothesis that performance appraisals of people with disabilities tend to be less constructive and useful to the employee than those of people without disabilities.  We have completed data collection for a pilot study to help finalize the experimental protocol, and are set to begin preliminary data analysis.

Results from two undergraduate performance appraisal projects were presented at McMaster (2018):


Kateli, H., Bonaccio, S., Gellatly, I., St-Amand, A., Connelly, C. E. Garmsiri, M., Yeung, S., Bhandari, C., McLean, D., & Naidu. S. (2018). Performance Evaluations of Employees with Physical Disabilities.  Poster presented at McMaster University.


Yeung, S., Garmsiri, M., Kateli, H., Bhandari, C., Naidu, S., McLean, D., Gellatly, I, Bonaccios, S., St-Amand, A., & Connelly, C. (2018). The Effects of Employee Disabilities on Managerial Nonverbal Behaviours.  Poster presented at McMaster Univeristy.