Original Publication Date: April, 2021
Focus: Sport & Exercise

A Blueprint for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder was developed in partnership with the CDPP and Ausome Ottawa. The Blueprint provides evidence-based strategies for building quality participation in recreation sport and physical activity programs for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder. 

For full copies of Blueprint in English or French click the images below or the pdf files found at the bottom of the page:


An Audit Tool, in the form of an Excel fileFile Audit Tool for Ausome Ottawa Blueprint.xlsx, is available to help determine potential strategies to consider implementing within a sport program. 

Part of the research evidence supporting the Blueprint is described in the KT Bulletin: Fostering Quality Participation for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  

Additional resources that may be of interest include:  

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  • Two Quick Guides on Fostering Quality Participation for Athletes with a Disability: A Quick Guide for Program Leaders STEP 1 and STEP 2 click here 
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