Original Publication Date: August, 2023
Focus: Sport & Exercise

Welcome to the Disability and Physical Activity Program Evaluation Toolkit!

This toolkit is designed for disability and sport organizations who want to evaluate their programs and initiatives. A team of researchers and community partners developed the toolkit. All measures and resources are valid for use among the disability population. This toolkit can also be used/adapted for people/programs outside of the disability population (i.e., the toolkit is inclusive for all programs/mixed ability programs). 

Organizations that provide physical activity programs for individuals with disabilities are often required to do evaluations to secure funding, show impact to board members and stakeholders, and understand their ability to grow. However, programs are difficult to evaluate due to their complexity and competing organizational priorities. There are also very few resources to support evaluation activities and methods. 

The toolkit is informed by the RE-AIM framework, which is comprised of five evaluation dimensions: Reach; Effectiveness; Adoption; Implementation; Maintenance.The toolkit will allow you to select indicators from each of these dimensions to ‘build’ an evaluation plan. In the plan, you will be provided with measures that fit each indicator. You will also find basic resources on how to use the toolkit, a glossary of terms, and tips for doing evaluation.

For access to the online evaluation toolkit, visit et.cdpp.ca (opens in new tab) or select the image below.