Issue Date: August 2021

Last CDPP Annual Survey & Exit Interviews 

The KT team invites all CDPP researchers, trainees and community partners to complete a short survey to evaluate the impact of the CDPP network. If you have received an invitation via email, please consider taking 5-10 minute of your day to complete this survey. Thank you to those who have already responded.

The KT team also encourages CDPP researchers, trainees and community partners to participate in an exit interview about your experiences of being part of the CDPP. The findings will be used to evaluate and explain the impact of the CDPP network. 

If you are interested in participating in the CDPP exit interview study and/or if you would like more information, please contact Dr. Femke Hoekstra via  

New from CDPP Mobility Researchers! We are near completion of a 4-site RCT of a peer-led physical activity counselling program delivered using smartphones (called ALLWheel project, or VieActive in French). CDPP and Quebec Health Research Funds funded the pilot phases of the project and Craig Nielsen Foundation have funded the RCT. Pilot study findings were encouraging. The intervention shows promise for improving participation in low-intensity physical activity, which may be attributed to improvements in autonomy, perceived competence, internal motivation, and self-efficacy to overcome barriers related to time, transportation and help increased across all time-points. 

To learn more about the ongoing ALLWheel/VieActive, click here. 

Here’s what pilot participants had to say about the program:

The CDPP Sport and Exercise Team have produced two new Blueprints that provide evidence-based strategies for building quality participation in programs for children and youth. Both Blueprints include case study examples, key considerations and priorities to enhance quality participation, a quality participation strategy guide, and prompts for building a plan to enhance program quality. These resources can be used by coaches, sport program providers, and instructors to ensure they are meeting the needs and participation priorities of their athletes. 

The CDPP partnered with:

1. Special Olympics Canada to produce A Blueprint for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children and Youth with Intellectual Disabilities. The Blueprint is available in English and French and has an accompanying YouTube video



2. Ausome Ottawa to produce A Blueprint for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Click here or the image below for a pdf version of the Blueprint. Click here or the image below for an accompanying YouTube video. 


New tools from the CDPP Employment Team! In their open access paper Building the “Business Case” for Hiring People with Disabilities: A Financial Cost-Benefit Analysis Methodology and Example, Drs. Sandra Fisher and Catherine Connelly demonstrate how to empirically estimate the financial implications of hiring employees with disabilities. Based on the paper a fact sheet and infographic (English and French versions) are now available.

1) Click here or the image below for the 2-page fact sheet:



2) The infographic is available in English and French, or click the images below for pdf versions: